Peter Fisher

The Rossendale Newspaper archive.

I love local history. I love the Rossendale Valley. I have collected local photographs and books for well over forty years. The photos are available to view on

Many books and pamphlets have also been scanned and uploaded.

When The Rossendale Free Press left the office in Rawtenstall, the paper also left behind a large number of binders containing back issues. I was told that the collection existed, and eventually made contact with Trish Kenny, who had stored the papers in her brother's warehouse. Trish was relieved to have contact with someone who was prepared to store the binders in a safe place and could make plans for their preservation.

It took a while to work out future plans for the newspapers. Eventually I made contact with David Knox at UKarchiving. David had all the tools to digitize the collection.

At this point, I decided that it also made sense to include in the collection The Bacup Times, copies in the safe keeping of Bacup Natural History Society.

The Peter Fisher Trust is a charitable Trust that I established many years ago. Funding for the project is from this Trust, but via Bacup Nats. Eventually Bacup Nats will take responsibility for the site. This should provide safety for the long term.

Thanks are due to Keith Knowles, Jackie Ramsbottom, Trish Kenny, Wendy Lord, David Knox.

Keith has scanned and photographed many photos and historical documents. Without his help and dedication, so much Valley history would remain hidden. It is my task in life to keep him busy.

Trish has brought some order to my collection of books and did a wonderful job in making sure that so much local history was not lost.

Jackie first alerted me to the fact that this wonderful collection existed.

Wendy is a stalwart of Bacup Nats and has wholeheartedly backed and enabled the project.

David Knox has grasped and enabled the scanning of the papers. David collected the papers from The Valley and delivered them safely to Edinburgh. I could not have found a better partner.